The forex market is truly the most exciting and profitable financial market today. Its immense size is what turns it to be the best market for small investors. In today's forex market every trader, small or big, can find his place.

The forex market is so large that every day of trade spans more than 1.5 trillion dollars. Because of this incomparable size no government or financial organization can take control of the forex market. The forex market is truly a free market.

The foreign exchange market is the result of years of trying to regulate and peg the world's currencies. It took several decades of various treaties and agreements to understand that there is no way of controlling the world's currencies. So world's nations have decided to let the forex market be free as it always should have been.

The forex market contribution to global finance is unquestionable. The daily trade circuit in the forex market – over 1.5 trillion dollars – is more than all the financial equities markets in the U.S all together. The forex market's size is what makes it the best place for every trader to make a healthy profit. I don't matter if you are a large investor or just a working man that wants to upgrade his life, try Forex trading education and start your way in the world of trading.

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